3 year old daughter just started having seizures?

Stevie - posted on 02/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




1/21 I noticed her first seizure while playing outside she just had this almost drunken look on her face for a few moments. I disregarded it as being dizzy from playing outside (I'm in hot FL by the way!).

By 1/29 she is having 3 seizures a day. Here is generally what happens now:

She will open her mouth really wide, like a pre-yawn.

Yawns will follow.

Eyes will blink hard/twitch.

Once seizure starts (usually within about 5 minutes of seeing her mouth wide open) she will roll and close her eyes.

Remains standing.

Face twitches.

When spoken to she will nod her head or one time she held up her pointer finger like she was saying "wait a minute" but can't speak.

It only lasts a few seconds.

Once it's over she will go RIGHT back to whatever she was doing pre-seizure although her eyes and speech seem a little "drunk" momentarily.

Her 1st neurology appointment is tomorrow.

I'm really looking for ANY kind of feedback. What kind of seizure does this sound like? What advice do you have for the neurology appointment?

Thank You!

*Nervous Mom*


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Summer - posted on 06/18/2012




Its hard for me to understand when I hear u moms in here talking abt meds already for ur kids maybe we are still backwards in Trinidad and Tobago, we were given the option to treat my son with Eplim and its on this same site I got help, we havent started no meds, my son was diagnose with Febrile Convulsion when he was 10 months old, and has had 13 attacks between 10 months and 2 1/2 yrs, this is for all the mom who think there is no hope there is, he hasn't had an attacked since then and he is going to school and having fun, swimming and now telling me he wants to play football and basketball, he is 3 yrs old, going on 4 in December, Prayers work wonders. He also sees a neurologist every 4 months, I know I am not out of the woods as yet since they told me it last till they are 6, but I am thanking God everyday for the small mercies and blessing.

Believe me there is HOPE.

Amanda - posted on 06/10/2012




Stevie, I am curious to how your Neuro visit went. My son will be two next week and we started experiencing VERY similar symptoms about a month ago.Please advise. I am definately keeping you and your little girl in my thoughts and prayers. I feel very alone and scared and know that every mom that has experienced this has felt the same. MY heart goes out to you and your little girl


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