Anyone have a child with hypoglycemia so sever it trigger seizures?


Julie - posted on 07/06/2011




When my son was 2 days old his had apnea and began having seizures. His blood sugar was 5. The doctors were amazed he survived. He was transferred to a larger hospital and continued to have uncontrolled seizures for over a week. The seizures were so severe that they resulted in brain damage. The inital prognosis was not good at all, but my son is now 5 and is doing much better than they predicted. They have run many tests on him and never found out why he had such severe hypoglycemia and it has never happened again. He is still on anti-seizure meds. The doctor tried taking him off his meds a few years ago, but he had seizures again and had to be put back on the meds. Did your child have seizures from hypoglycemia?

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