daughter had to get a higher dosage of keppra and is know on a second medication tripetal


Nicole - posted on 11/16/2011




I know that my daughter also is on a very high dose of keppra and I know that it goes by weight and height. She just had a seizure yesterday at 4:10am. Her keppra was upped to 8mls at night and is staying at 7mls during the day...She's on the highest dose right now. We have also been talking about adding another med to her, but haven't added it just yet. so hang in there...I hope that it get's better....You can always look them up and all. I haven't really seen any side effects yet with the keppra on my daughter yet, but I'm not holding my breath...Hope things are going well with her on the keppra and adding the new med.

dylan (07/02/99 developmentally delayed, sever adhd,odd, gerd, very picky eater, mr, ld, speech and more, but no seizures)
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