flying with seizures?

Libby - posted on 01/08/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is fifteen months old and this is the first time I will be flying with him since he's had seizures. He's on Valproic Acid and it seems to be working fairly well (some little things coming through, but no full-blown seizures like before). I'm just nervous that the flight might make it worse somehow. Does anyone have any experience with this to tell me what I should do or just to tell me that it will all be absolutely fine?


Tracey - posted on 01/29/2009




My son has seizures (yet controlled with Keppra) and has flown more than half a dozen times and we haven't had a problem yet. However, our neurologists have asked us to carry Diastat on board with us for any flight over an hour. As long as you keep it in the package with the prescription label on and show it to TSA, security will let you through with it. Thankfully, we've never had to use it but it is a necessity to have on hand. We also brought it with us when we went on a cruise last summer and our neurologist only allowed us to go if we purchased the extra insurance that guarantees that you can be medivaced off the boat in case of a seizure (i.e. helicopter lands on the boat to take you to the closest hospital).

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Hi, I checked into this also because my daughter has epilepsy and I was really worried about flying. I asked 2 different neurologists and looked all over the internet about it. I couldn't find anything and the doctors said flying doesn't cause seizures, only possibly the stress or fatigue from flying. My daughter flew to Hawaii recently with us and did fine. Just be prepared and bring Diastat if you have it. good luck.


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my son has flown heaps of types and have had no problems but the last time we were flying from singapore to perth 20min into flight he started vomiting and fitting me and my family didnt know what to do ans it was so unexpected. luckly there where 2 nurses on flight who helped they had to turn plane around as by that stage he passed out!!!

but come 5hrs later he was discharged from hospital and running around. my doctor just gave me some drops for if this happens again to put up his bottom and that should calm his body and make relaxed!

i really wouldnt worry as my son flown heaps of times it was a one of it will happen at some stage but there is no point stopping doing something on the slight chance it will happen just like Dodie says get your child to have lots of rest before flying

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15 cute:)

My son is 15 with VERY poorly controlled seizures. We have flown a bit.

I always talk to the cabin attendants to give them a heads up.

Harley had a seizure on a flight to Maui and they handled it with grace and kindness.

His Dr. always gets a dose of rectal valium for us but we have never had to use it .

Flying has never made his seizures worse....I will keep you in prayer.


Dodie - posted on 01/08/2009




Well... flying with a 15 month old is usually not fun anyway! :-)

I have flown with my daughter a few times and not had any incidents. I am sure it does happen and I really don't know what I would do if it did. What can you do? Just be sure he gets plenty of rest beforehand. And give a call to the neurologist to see if he/she has any suggestions. Good luck!

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