Help! My teen is having 30minute full body convulsion seizures!

Kelli - posted on 09/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 15 year old daughter has had 2 episodes of 35 minute seizures. (They have been timed) Her current neurologist cannot find the cause. The most recent one was yesterday on the soccer field. Luckily, there was an MD at the field and she assisted us until the paramedics arrived. She witnessed the entire episode and timed it. She said this was very serious from what she observed and that I need to find a very good neurologist.

Has anyone out there had a child with seizures that have lasted this long? I'm at my wits end and scared for her!

No other health problems except that she had open heart surgery when she was 4 to repair a hole in her heart. The hospital stated yesterday that her blood was iron deficient. Don't know if this could be the cause. However, her father has Thalyssemia minor, which mimics anemia but isn't. I am going to have her tested for that before we administer any iron.


Elaine - posted on 10/19/2012




My son started having seizures, tonic clonic, at 16. Not that long, but any seizure that big is shocking. I give him lecithin, calcium, vit E. The lecithin 1200 mg and vit E at 400 iu have been known to help seizure conditions. All additions to their diet must be gradual. Any quick changes can trigger seizures. You need to try and identify triggers for your daughter. Also exposure to some chemicals can cause seizures so check this out. If her school sprays lawn treatments. I have a friend that recovered after finding out she was reacting to a schools yard treatment. The neurologist has never found why my son is having seizures. But he was recently changed from keppra to depacote and is now having better recovery. Try to educate yourself, it helps. God bless you and your family and good luck!


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Jana - posted on 10/25/2012




My daughter had her 1st epileptic seizure when she was 15. 6 months later she stared having non-epileptic seizures(caused from stress/depression). It was had for even the Drs to tell the difference until they put her in the epilepsy monitoring lab for a few days and took her off all her meds. Most epileptic seizures will not last much longer than 5-7 minutes but non-epileptic seizures can last much longer. My daughters' longest non-epileptic seizure was 55 minutes in the hospital. After many med changes and doctors she is now 21 years old and has her epileptic seizures under control with only one med and has not had a non-epileptic seizure in over 2.5 years. Find a good neurologist and get her monitored. Good luck.

Sandy - posted on 10/13/2012




Kelli ... start giving her 1 1200 mg. of Lecithin every day. It's over the counter supplement for brain and nerve function. It has made a huge difference in my sons life. He is 14 years old today and is having one seizure every couple of months, compared to at least one every day. You should also check out the VNS (vagal nerve stimulator). Joey's had one implanted in 2004 and it has also helped control some of his seizures. Check out link below to video of my son. Good luck. Sandy Lora

If link won't work, go to youtube and search Joey Lora, Miracles Do Happen.

Molly - posted on 09/17/2012




My daughter is 5 years old and her seizures will continue until she receives medicine so yes we have had some last that long. Before she was 2 we had to wait for the paramedics because she was too young for diastat. Now we have diastat to stop her seizures. I hope you can find a good neurologist and the right medications including a rescue med so you can stop them sooner.

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