Is anyone having attention disorder problems and on Trileptal or Keppra?

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My son is 2 and he is on Trileptal and Keppra and he is having really big issues with being able to concentrate for more than a minute of two, anyone else have this problem at all?


Jackie - posted on 08/02/2009




I don't know anything about those 2 drugs, but I am almost 25 and I have had controlled epilepsy for 10 years now using Depakote. Love it, I have had two healthy beautiful children while taking it also.

Nichole - posted on 08/01/2009




~Hi My Son Has Had Seizures Since He was 4 months old and is now 9 years old and still haveing them really bad he was on trileptal and keppra also but he had problems not paying attention and his behavior was getting hard to deal with so we took him to the drs and they weend him off of those and then he started to be more alert and his behavior improved alot.. he has been on all differant kinds of meds right now he is on topamax and banzel.. banzel is a new med thats out but if your child gets put on it watch for the behavior thing cause my son is stating to have bad behavior agin.. im not saying that your child will have the same side effects but i just wanted you to be aware of it...


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Suzanna - posted on 08/02/2009




My son is turning four Aug 8th and was diagnosed with epilepsy a year and 1/2 ago. We have tried trileptal and topomax with poor results. He is now on Lamictal (75 mg twice a day) and Keppra (125 mg twice a day). He also takes clonidine at night to help with sleep and tenex during the day for behavior. He is extrememly hyper on and off the Keppra, to the point that I do not like to take him anywhere. I can not control him and when you add in my daughter (8 and1/2 with Tourette's and ADHD) and a two year old toddler who mimics everything he sees, it feels like total chaos all the time. We have tried 500 mg of Keppra XR and had severe problems with screaming fits and agression towards siblings, but not anyone else (much like Heather's daughter). We tried him without the Keppra and he had an increase in seizure activity. It is hard to tell when he actually haves the seizures, because of the type he has. I see him staring alot but he will blink his eyes and respond usualy after I call his name once or twice. Just this morning, I saw him in a squatted position and asked him if he was ok and he said yes. Within about five minutes he came walking into me looking very tired and when I asked him what was wrong he responded with "I don't know." He has been rubbing at his eye ever since.

Amie - posted on 07/31/2009




my son has been on keppra for about 7 months, he has a really short attention span but his neurologist said its just the age, that the keppra isn't causing any of it..

Heather - posted on 07/30/2009




Hi. My daughter is 7 and has been on Keppra for about six months. She had seizures when she was one while hospitalized with bacterial meningitis and was on another medication for about two years. We finally weened her off of that and I started noticing at home that she was staring off and not paying attention. I started asking her teacher who said that she thought my daughter was just not paying attention. Took her for an EEG and it showed a lot of seizure activity so they put her on Keppra. She is still having staring episodes and they have already increased her dose twice. She has become aggressive since being on Keppra, but only to her sisters- not at school or outside of the house which I guess is good. I have an appointment with the neurologist and will ask about changing her meds.

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