Is my baby having seizures?

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ello? I have a six month old daughter. Two days ago, while sitting up right in a seat,she she dropped her head and started vomiting. She vomiting a lot! My husband did not notice anything out of the ordinary prior to vomiting but he also admitted that he might not have been paying that close attention. After vomiting I put her in the bath, and while in the bath she kept falling asleep. I took her out of the bath and began to dry her and stimulate her and she continued to fall asleep. I could not get her to stay awake. She would open her eyes and close them right back. She was flaacid, no facial expression, and it was almost like she was not there. About 10 mins passed by of trying to stimulate her, her eyes looked toward the right and began a rhythmic jumping (it looked like horizontal nystagmus). During that time I could not get her to look at me. About five mins later, she was wide awake looking and observing and 5 mins from that she was back to herself bouncing playful self again. Did my baby have a seizure? Also last night, over the baby monitor I heard her breathing weird, it was like a panting (almost sounded like a small dog barking really fast). I went in to check on her. It wasn't continuous but it had a rhythm to it...she would do 4-5 "barks" then breathe normal for a few seconds and so on. What do you guys think...I called her doctor but they didn't seem too concerned.


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My son was two days old when I saw his first seizure. All seizures are different and not to be taken lightly. I would insist on the doctor seeing her and being seen by a neurologist. The longer the seizures go untreated the worse they can get and may not go away. My son is now three and a half and has been seizure free without meds so is no longer considered an epileptic. His seizures were caused by two strokes he must have had shortly after birth. Seizure can come for any reason and may never come again. Please get her checked out!!


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It is possible your baby did have a seizure. My daughter started having her seizures at the age of 10 months, age of 5 she was diagnosed with Epilepsy (she has grand mal/absent seizres) She is now 13. I will never forget her first seizure which was diagnosed as a febrile seizure (they usually don't diagnose Epilepsy until age of 5 is what I was told 13 years ago) She went still....zoned out, very still and stiff (best word I can use) would not respond to me at all...I was only 21 at the time and did not know what was going on....I put her in her car seat and drove her to my cousins this time, she was twitching on the left side of her body...this only lasted a couple minutes but at the time seemed like forever. From that day forever whenever she had one I knew to just lay her down and be with her, but we always took her to the ER afterwards. Her ped at the time told me to pinch her toe with my fingernail, if she responds she is out of if it not she is still in the seizure state. They will be very tired and it is okay to let them sleep after a seizure I can only imagine what their body is going through.

As for the doctor I would keep calling and tell them you want this checked out! Take her to the ER everytime and pretty soon they will be concerned!

I wish you luck!

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