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My 13 year old daughter has had 2 seizures , 1 in march and 1 in april. She has no history of seizures. The neuro doctor thinks that she may have had seizures since preschool, the kind at night, but it has been unknown. The only real "symptom" is frequent bedwetting. She is having a 2nd EEG for 48 hours. He wants to put her on Keppra. Would appreciate comments on anyone who has used this. I am very concerned with all the stories I read aobut aggression and depression. Our family is also going through a very traumatic time with some other issues. Thank you !!


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Sabrina-could be his B6 dose is too low. My 7 yr old is on 200mg 2x/day of B6. His Keppra dosage is 1300mg 2x/day


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My 6 year old son never had any history of seizures and then all of a sudden at age 3 he had several seizures lasting more than one hour the only way it stopped was with meds drilled into his knee. All EEG's and MRI's were normal and he was seizure free for about a year and then he started having absent seizures all the time. Doctors put him on Keppra since it is a "safer" drug, within days my son turned into a different kid, he is constantly angry, yelling, grabbing forcefully and he gives this look that is frightening. Doctors prescribed B6 and said I could see a change in about 3 days but he has been taking it for 2 weeks and I have yet to see any change. His behavior is getting out of control, within the past week he has hit 5 diffrent children.

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Be careful with Keppra which is generally not a first drug. Keppra has some pretty nasty side effects including aggression and/or depression. B6 can help with this, but if it is possible not to start it and still avoid future seizures then you might wish to look at other options.

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My son was one of the ones that did not handle Keppra well at all. He had terrible fits of rage. My son has a complicated medical history, and is at a higher than normal risk for medication reactions. Every kid is different. There is a possibility of side effects with all seizure medications, and Keppra is actually one of the safer ones. Some kids that do have behavior trouble on keppra are able to keep on taking it with a B6 supplement. The B6 can decrease the "rages" in some cases. Eventhough my son had a horrible experience with keppra I am glad we tried it, because that experience has led us in a new direction.

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I dont have any experience with Keppra but as a general rule when trying my kids on a new daily medicine I wait until we have some down time ie: spring break or some of the family activities are ending or no drama like death divorce moving. Unless it is vital that you start immedialty i wouldnt. wait until things calm down then TRY keppra. If things dont work out and you notice depression or aggression back her off and try another drug. your daughter may be one of the many children who dont experience the bad side effects. Also dont be afraid to get copies of your scans and test results and go to a different doctor before starting on any treatment plan. I hope I can help some.

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