Unsure of what is wrong, looking for support.

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My son will be 2 in May, he is a happy, healthy little boy. About 2 weeks ago we were in the car and he had what I think was an absence seizure. He kind of zoned out and wouldn't respond to me, I went to get him out of his car seat to see what was wrong and he snapped out of it. Then this passed Tuesday it happened again while we were eating lunch, same thing and when I went to get him out of his seat the snapped out of it. I called the doctor and took him in that day, they said they thought it was an absence seizure and referred us to the 1st Seizure clinic at Johns Hopkins, our appointment on Thursday. It happened again today, while we were eating breakfast, but this time he was kind of twitching, his mouth and eyes. I am just really scared, not sure what is going on. We have no family history of this, he has always been really healthy and on track developmentally. Has anyone dealt with something similar to this? What should I expect at the the 1st seizure clinic, will we get any answers at the appointment? Thanks!


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Yes I have been dealing with just what you were discribing to the T but my son is now eleven and i may have my two year old following suit and you may or may not get answers. I still don't have anwers. We are going to Rodchester,mn in june again to the Mayo clinic with both boys. We have been going there sincemy oldest was was 6 or 7 but his seizures started between two and three and the only thing that he was behind on that we did not realize until later was his speech but after the seizures started he got way behind. We also have no history of seizures. If you have more questions just email me with seizures in the subject and we can chat more I know how scarry it is when you have no one that has been through it and can truly understand how helpless you feel as a mom becaue you can't fix it at least that is how I felt alot. Good luck. and prayers are with you and your family.

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What you describe does seem to fit generalized absence seizures. At the appointment they will do a neuro exam. he's only 2 so some of it will probably be modified but essentially they will test if one side of his brain/strength is stronger than the other through various reflex like tests. They will probably want to schedule an EEG to monitor his brain activity and may want to do MRI or CAT scan to eliminate other issues and to see if they can determine cause. They will probably do a general health exam as well to rule out other possibilities. The twitching may suggest that he is also having partial complex seizure activity as well. Good luck and be strong, you are catching this early and with the right intervention he will continue to be a happy, healthy boy.


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