I am a step-parent of a teenage boy with FAS

Abby - posted on 08/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am looking for some advice. My step-son was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrom and is ow 16. I will be honest, until I met his father I never thought about what would happen to babies that were diagnosed as such when they started to grow-up. As is, Nic is mentally hadicapped, has severe adhd, and has problems such as impulse control, has been known to be mean to animals or smaller children, has delayed physical development (looks like he is only about 10), and other issues. I dont know how to help him.

For his adhd, he has been through the gamet of medications to try and help him, and for now he is taking nothing as his body quickly adapts to medicine.

He also has no control over his eating. Is this another facet of his diagnosis? He will continue to eat, if allowed, past the point of fullness. An example would be of last Thanksgiving... he ate an entire turkey I was letting cool (got an extra for sandwiches,ect.) after eating his meal, got sick, and wanted to start eating all over again.

Add to this we have a two year old that he is constantly wanting to pick up despite us reminding him that he cant (not coordinated enough, will drop her), even she pushes away from him. I dont want her to grow up scared of her brother, but we can not let him hold her.

I dont know what to do to help him. We have padlocks on our cabinets, have to keep him in the room with us at all times unless he is asleep to keep himself and siblings safe, and if we let him play in his room something will be broken in less than 5 minutes. Seriously. It might be a new hole in the wall, the lightbulb, his toys, anything!



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