Miserable 11 week old

Stefanie - posted on 03/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My DD was diagnosed with GERD/ Reflux at 6 weeks, the medicine has helped limit the acid coming up and the spit up but she is still so miserable. I have tried everything and sometimes she just cries. I am at a lose of what to do. I am starting to feel like an increadibly horrible mother. Please help. Any advice, suggestions or mothers with alike children?


Janet - posted on 04/04/2015




I had a rough first 3 weeks as I was breasfeeding and I was desperate to help him hold down his feedings he was very colicky and constantly cried. He only consumed 2 oz every two hours (anything more than that could not be held down) and was switched to Similac Ready Feed Alimentum with added Oatmeal with doctors' consent. I chose not to do medications just due to Doctor reccommending to try other methods first since many who tried had the same success as those who did not.I learned that the only bottle that worked for him to intake less air was the Kiinde system. (After trying 6 other brands) I feed my son in the rock and play , burp him right away, and then set him back quickly in the rock and play to prevent from any of his food to come back up. I let him rest for a minimum of 30 minutes. With my son I have learned that rocking him or holding him is uncomfortable for him and it actually causes for his reflux to act up so when we do hold him we incline him at an angle.I also purchased a DayDreamer which has been a great fit as well.The Tiny Love Rocker inclines and has also been a great asset as well as his Fisher Price Papasan swing the lights help soothe him. I have put a pregnancy wedge on the changing table cushion (under the cover) to have a semi inclined position when changing him. My son plays in his gym but only with a mombo pillow.The key is to not let them to ever hit a flat on back position as it is painful for them and that is what causes their reflux to act up as the valve at the end of their esophagus is immature and is semi open which causes the stomach acids to rise up. I have been able to manage to keep his food down with this method...my son will be 5 months soon and is 19 lbs. My son still eats every two hours when he is awake and 4 oz. He sleeps a good 6-7 hours at night which I did not expect as he feeds a less quantity. Things will definetly get better once you get used to the routine it is easier

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