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I am new to circle of moms... I started a similar group before I found this one!
I guess I just wasn't using the right search terms at first =(
I love the group image! Very cool.
I would love to get to know you all.

Both of my girls are smart, my oldest is in NHS. My little one is the 'smarty pants' though!
I have worked with her a lot to get her past a lot of perfectionist tendencies. She is very intense.
She is in kindergarten this year. She just finished testing for and being accepted into our school's Explorer program (K-2 Gifted & Talented) on one hand; on the other I have had to have several conferences with her teacher (as well as frustrated notes sent home by her teacher) about talking too much and out of turn, interrupting, correcting & telling on classmates, etc.

Anyone else here have similar stories?


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Amber - posted on 08/31/2009




I am our school districts gifted and talented program teacher and I can assure you this is not at all out of the ordinary. The thing to remember is that just because gifted childrean are ahead of age-mates intellectually, that doesn't automatically mean they are ahead socially or emotionally. On one hand, lots of gifted kids speak out and interrupt in class because they are sure they have the right answers and they want to be praised for that. Other gifted kids are the opposite, they have such high expectations of themselves that they are afraid to answer questions because they can't stand the thought of being wrong. Really, this is an issue that your child's teacher needs to address with some different strategies(with your support of course). When I have a teacher come to me asking similar questions I usually recommend some of the teaching strategies from the book "Teaching Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom." Another thing to remember is that, while your child's giftedness is something to be aware and proud of, don't let it your child percieve it as her whole identity....gifted children tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves. Encourage other talents in addition to academics...sports, music, performance...or even just hobbies.

Tamara - posted on 04/12/2009




Last week my gifted seven year old son was nominated for his second student of the month award this year.His grandmother and I attended the award assembly at his school It was such a proud moment.Following the assembly the teacher took a moment to speak with me at which time she mentioned that her and the other teacher had some regret lately about the nomination as he had started with some tattle tale tendencies in the last few weeks.I try to explain the difference between tattling and telling to him but he just doesnt see it my way.For example he told the teacher on Maddie because she was touching the teachers stapler.I tlod him this was tattling cause there was no danger involved but his argument and reasoning is that she could staple her finger so it was dangerous.I just cant win.Hes really smart and does have a valid point.I know how you feel oh too well.It sounds like our children have similar issues.My son sees only one way to be right and the rest is wrong.As for talking out of turn and correcting my son does alot of that at home.Take the good with the bad each child is unique..Im just glad my son is the person he is no matter what.LOL

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