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pen pals

Hello I am a brownie leader and have 13 girls that would love to write to other girls. If anyone is interested please reply back :)


Pen Pal Project

I'm a leader for a Daisy troop in MA and am looking for another troop to pen pal with for a petal project we're doing. Please let me know if you're interested.



My daughter is a Brownie and we will be taking them camping for the first time this year and just want to be clear on what the rules are. I know if my husband goes he has to be...


Daisy Pen Pals

We are looking for another Daisy Troop to be pen pals with to help earn our Be a Sister to... petal. Our troop consists of 12 Kindergarteners. Anyone interested

Started by Victoria on 04/20/2013 in Moms Of Girl Scouts

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Daisy Pen Pals

We have a Daisy Troop of 10 awesome, excited 1st graders who are interested in finding another Daisy Troop of 10 girls for pen pals, swaps, etc. We live in the burbs of Philly....


Brownie Leader

I am a troop leader of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade Brownies. Does anyone have a Split level troop that can offer suggestions?


New Agenda For Girl Scouts?

I see a lot of posts by people who are not current Girl Scout leaders and do not realize the change of direction Girl Scouts has taken. The people that have replied to this post...

Started by GirlScoutLeader on 08/16/2012 in Moms Of Girl Scouts

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Looking for some Daisy Pen Pals

We are a Daisy Troop of 15 girls that would like to find some pen pals in a state other than Pennsylvania. We are working on our violet petal and would like some sister Girl...


Daisy Petals

Is there anyone that has went through the petal part of daisies and is willing to share what their troop did to earn each petal? Much appreciated! Thanks, Troop #592...



Tomorrow we are having our first non-official mtg. As a first time Co-Leader of a first year Brownie troop I am not sure what to expect but hope it all goes well.

Started by Jennifer on 06/27/2011 in Moms Of Girl Scouts

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Parent Issue

We just started selling Girl Scout cookies, and my Co-leader and I both decided we were not going to except checks as a troop for cookies because of all the bad checks going...

Started by Misty on 01/13/2011 in Moms Of Girl Scouts

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Brownie Handbook and Try it Book

I am teaching and doing brownies at home with my special needs daughter. we are doing juliet style. I am looking for a brownie handbook and tryits book we can borrow does anyone...



I just wanted to post about our recent camping trip... My co leader and I took.... 14 Girls to Camp Menzies for the first times. We had a total of 20 people that went to...


Any Cookie Moms Here?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone happened to be their troop's Cookie Mom. I have a Kindergarten Daisy troop so this was our first cookie experience. My co-leader and I decided...


Large Brownie Troop Advice

Howdy - I'm in my third year of leading my daughters Brownie troop. I have 17 girls who are all starting 3rd Grade. I'd love some ideas of how to manage the normal girl stuff...