Daisy Troop Leader-- first time! Any tips?

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My daughter started girl scouts last year in kindergarten as a Daisy! She had a blast and we did so much cool stuff. The troop we joined was actually led by 3 high school girls who formed a troop as a leadership project, so this year, it was up to us parents to keep the troop going. The mother of one of the high school girls, who has been her daughter's leader since Brownies, decided to stay on as the leader, but I got drafted as the 02. Our troop this year is actually a combined Daisy/Brownie troop, and the original leader will be leading the Brownie part while I lead the Daisy part, where my daughter is in her final year. I think I have a pretty decent handle on what my responsibilities are, but I'm curious, does anyone have any suggestions or tips, either from a parent's or leader's perspective?
My biggest concern is keeping the girls engaged. I helped with camp this year with this age group and by the end of the week my voice was sore from barking out orders and repeating myself a million times. I'm thinking that this will be easier because it's only 10 girls and not as many distractions, but I'm still a little nervous.


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I am responding to the reply just above mine...I too was a Girl Scout growing up, but had no idea where to start when I agreed to lead my daughter's Daisy Troop. We started with Kindergarten and 1st graders. One HUGE thing that we learned was that if you follow the "Flower Garden" journey, your girls will earn all of their petals and do some fun stuff in the process. Also, when looking into how much in dues to charge, consider the cost of the badges! We found that we ran out of money. Crafts, snacks and badges sucked up all of our dues. If you have meetings in the evening, you may not need snacks, but our meetings are after school, and a snack is needed before we could get anything done. This age group is not responsible enough to bring snacks to the meetings. Now that our first year is under our belt, we know how to run a meeting but our girls bridged and we now have a combo Daisy/Brownie troop! EEEK! Ask for help from other leaders in your area. They are your best resource!!

Carolyn - posted on 11/13/2011




I'm in the same boat, except that my girl (and our troop) are 1st year Kindergartners! Aaaagh help it's been 20 years since I was a Girl Scout! Help me get organized!

I have found some resources online... lots going on with it being the 100th anniversary and all.

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