Sensory Processing Disorder

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News on Stefanie: ADD may not be her primary dysfunction. SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder - may be what we're dealing with. A couple of friends pointed me in that direction, the psychiatrist the special services team sent her to said she doesn't see ADD, espcially given that the meds did not work at all. Then I got the book The Out-of-Sync Child from the library, and it's like they wrote the book about her. Stef is definitiely hypersensitive/over-reactive to movement, hypersensitive/over-reactive to touch, hypersensitive/over-reactive to sound. We do have our work cut out for us to desensitize her (and educate the school staff about SPD). Stef has been willing to work with me today - possibly b/c I upped her l-glutamine dose from 500 to 750mg today - and was dancing and jumping, saying "This is fun!" SPD is treated with OT, not meds, so I can work with her myself even if we don't get assistance. The local OT does NOT take insurance.

What sealed the deal for me was when the book listed "walks on tip-toe", "fears falling", "fears sudden movement or touch", "avoids physical contact". Stef does this, and I knew it was weird, but didn't know that they were all symptoms of a disorder. An "under-reactive"SPD child would be the opposite - pushing the limits of gravity and needy for physical contact.

BTW, the l-glutamine is doing wonders for her anxiety. Our regimen is 1 Coromega packet(for omega-3's) mixed with 750mg l-glutamine powder(open 1/2 capsule from GNC - she won't swallow pills) daily, and 50mg chromium picolinate once/week to help control her blood sugar. She has gained back the 4 lbs she lost on stimulant meds, plus 1lb more.


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That is wonderful you found a natural way to help your daughter. I have 2 kids with ADHD a boy and a girl and they are both medicated but I just started with shaklee natural product and hopefuly I will be able to remove them from the pill eventually. They have wonderful products, pure organic and safe for their health. I really beleive that our society needs to be educated more about all those new diagnoses because I feel that our children are the geeni-pigs for ressearch, it`s really sad. Think positive and all the best to you

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"so how do you know whether to go natural or doctor meds? "

We tried to avoid meds for a while - fearing side effects - but the school kept asking us to try. We tried, and the side effects were crying (Daytrana) and hostility/acting out (Metidate). The school referred us to another doc who wrote in her report "no more meds".

The great news is that on her glutamine/omega 3 regimen, she's grown 3 inches in the past year, gained 7 lbs, and joined local rec soccer - her first team sport. Still a bit flaky about schoolwork, but socially she is making strides.

Rachel - posted on 08/23/2009




Isn't it such a relief when you finally find a description that fits what you are seeing at home? It makes it so much easier to deal with.

Laura - posted on 08/04/2009




so how do you know whether to go natural or doctor meds? my daughther has her evaluation tuesday.. I've read that book and the "out of sync child has fun" but she is getting violent. when I tell people she has sensory disorder they look at me funny and say to me "that's adhd"...sigh not sure which way to go but desperate at this point....

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