Does anyone homeschool?

Jennifer - posted on 06/21/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Planning on Homeschooling my girls in the Fall. Any advice or words of wisdom?


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Stefanie - posted on 07/29/2009




We also plan to home school. I would research your state laws and find out what you need to do first. I plan to take a teacher competency exam since I don't have a degree. It's not required but it will make everything go smoother for me. Then I will need to chose my cirr. and summit copy's and the school year schedule to the district with my children's names, ages, birth dates and so on by Oct. 1st (our state's cut off). Then I can start schooling according to the schedule I have made up.

Tanna - posted on 07/27/2009




I am not going to be much help but i also plan on homeschooling my oldest in the fall. she just turned 4 in june so we are going to start pre-k. i am still unsure about how long i will continue. but good luck to you!!!

Karin - posted on 07/15/2009




Jennifer, There are HS groups here on Circle of Moms. Join one of them and you will get so much more info on this subject. In the mean time I can tell you, you will need to get in touch with a local homeschooling group and find out what the state laws are as well as the requirements. Also, you will need to call your Iocal county school district to inquire about the process. I live in VA and we are required to send notice to the local school board of our intent to homeschool by a set date in August.

The age of your children and your family beliefs will determine what cirriculum you decide to use. There are local places such as BJ's wholesale club, Walmart, Teacher supply stores and even craft stores like Michael's and A.C.Moore that sell cirriculum for younger students K-5th.Online companies offer all levels including harder subjects. I also need to get my child tested following the school year and send that report to the local school board to be kept in her file. I also recommend becoming a member of a law group that will specifically represent you and your interest should any legal issues arise from the state or local government regarding your rights to homeschool. Although I absolutely love to HS my daughter, there are challenges and remember just keep going it will work out. Biggest thing I had to deal with is doubting myself and my abilities. Also, beware of family members. Those who never did it will think you are crazy and fill your head with comments that plant the seeds of doubt in your head. Your children deserve to be taught the right way by you.Since you know your children better than anyone else.

I will never send my child to public school due to the fact that I feel they are molded to think like everyone else and taught to fit in because being different is not "normal" or acceptable. They want our kids to "follow the group" so they can graduate and get a "normal" job and have a "normal" life. My question is who came up with the defenition of "normal". My kids are normal and well socialized in church, our gym and other extra activities. My children have no limitations put on them like they would if they were in public school. And I feel better knowing that my children are not being thought things that we as a christian family do not believe in. Best of luck to you and your family. Keep believing you are doing the right thing, because you are doing what is best for your children.

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