So I'm not a girly girl, but my almost 4year old is??

Sara - posted on 12/04/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Any advice on how to get my girly girl some girly attention? I've been labeled a tomboy all my life, I've always been one of the guys I don't really know how to be girly, she's always wanting me to play barbies and paint her nails. Well I know how to paint nails but I have no clue how to play barbies or play house too well with her any helpful tips on how to interact with my girly girl?


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There is no right or wrong way to play pretend. Just follow her lead. She's young so she won't mind and when she is older I'm sure she will give you some tips. She may even do so now. When playing house, just do what you would do in real life. It could be a learning experience. When playing Barbie, just do what she would do! Have silly conversations with her doll, dance, etc. :) I was a tomboy when I was younger but I loved Barbie. Nothing special, I just made them act the way I thought people would/should act. It's all about how you or your daughter want to play.


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Jeorge - posted on 04/26/2012




I too have a girly girl but she also wants to do everything her brothers do. So she wants to be the one climbing the tree in the princess dress. Embrace your inner princess and play with her. I like to play were the prince is trapped in the high tower and the brave princess has to rescue him. Have fun

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I think these ladies gave you some great advice! Do some crafts with her, play with sidewalk chalk. You could always see if she likes to do what you used to never know she might enjoy it. Go on nature walks, the weather is getting warmer so there is more to do outside now.

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Just have fun with her I have 3 girls that were all super girly girls and I am nothing like a girly girl I just let them do my make up and hair and pick out fits then we would put on talents shows just play and have fun! You get to grow with your girl. Barbies are easy peasy just follow her lead house also easy if you want you can be the sick old grandma and let your girl bring you food and care for you lol last weekend my girls covered me in make up and made me a zombie doll.. oO was my oldest idea she is almost 13 so you can see where the zombie falls in to play there .. :) I was put into pig tails, pink nail polish the works then after i was forced to be made pretty they started the zombie body paint on my face neck arms and hands! My youngest who is 6 turning 7 soon love cooking when we play house or barbies or even pony's its all about cooking i just pretend to eat everything she cooks and it goes very well.. my 9 year old as long as i am her best friend in the games go to the mall and shop shop shop! she has a lot of fun!

Amythyst - posted on 01/14/2012




When playing house try role reversal, let her be the Mommy and tell you what to do, has the added advantage of letting you see into her world. Also you can tr tea parties, just arrange some teddy bears and make some little sandwiches and she can take it from there...

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