Moms of Grown Children

For moms whose children are grown and have left home. Perhaps they have married, perhaps they have children of their own...perhaps they are grown but are still/back at home. Whatever the case, our role of motherhood is changed, but sometimes just as challenging, and it's always nice to have someone else in the same situation to chat with!


Mom of grown children

I would like to socialize with moms in same situation,since all of the sudden I'm alone it's hard to deal with memories and how do I cope with this situation.


Keeping in Touch with the Kids

I know this is probably just a personal preference sort of thing, but I'm just wondering how often you Moms of Grown Children talk to your kids now that they have moved out of...


Would love to meet you!

I have started this community for those moms whose children are grown...our role as mom has changed. Just like before, sometimes it's exciting and sometimes it's challenging....