Mom's of Grown Children

We are mom's of grown children who have moved out and are on their own.


Adult Son's Decline in Behavior

I have a 21 year old son who's behavior has gradually declined - due to alcohol, drugs, and/or mental issues. He was in his 3rd year of college, had everything going for him...


The inlaws

I have to say... I just want to post this on every community I am a member of and more! I just don't understand people! When I divorced my ex I did not have two or three...


Home After The Kids

I don't know about anyone else----but when my kids left home for their own apts and lives----I cried with the 1st one-----and then started feeling elated as the next 2 left. I...


Grandchildren ideas

I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren, so far. Are there any great ideas out there of traditions, etc. for things you do with or for your grandchildren? All of mine live away...