Reverse Slope Hearing Loss

Sara - posted on 02/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Are there any other parents here dealing with children who have reverse slope hearing loss? I am interested in the treatment plans that are working for your kids. My daughter has and extreme reverse slope loss,unliaterally, mod/severe. We've done the hearing aides, FM systems, audiologist taking the aide away..there just doesn't seem to be a solid treatment plan, research, or knowledge by the professionals that deal with my daughter's treatement. We've been to multiple doctors and they never agree on anything. Since her aide has been taken away, she has dropped significantly in her academics. She has lost interest in school all-together, which is very frustrating as parents, but just as frustrating for her. She is currently being tested for audiotory proccessing disorder, but with her hearing flucuating like it is, they keep pushing the screening to another day. She's never had this much significant change in her hearing..right now it's a pretty flat audiogram in the high 50's dbl range across the board, which put her down to a mild loss. The audiologist told me that now she is a candidate for an aide again. SO CONFUSING and absolutely ridiculous to us most of the time. I wish I could find someone for her that could figure this out so she stops losing so much of what everyone is saying. She kind of just shrugs her shoulders and says.."oh well Mom, this is how it's always been. I don't think anyone can change that."

Just hoping others may have some other ideas or Docs they are seeing..someone to point us in the right direction. :) Thanks for listening:)


Daisha - posted on 09/03/2009




If you are in the portland oregon area i have an audiologist that i highly recommend

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