Moms of High-Need Babies!

A group for those of us blessed with babies who are a little different from the norm and who display very "high-need" personalities, aiming to provide some much-need support for their exhausted, overwhelmed, proud, and nurturing mothers! Does the following sound familiar? High need babies tend to be intense, hyperactive, draining, demanding, unpredictable, feed frequently, sleep rarely, are super sensitive, unable to be put down or to self-sooth and are separation sensitive. It's not all bad though - these little monkeys are also the brightest, most interesting babies of the bunch and wonderfully rewarding in their own way. You can spot a mom of a high need child by the bags under her eyes, her aching arms and her great sense of humour (a necessity!) - are you one of us?!


Being a mom of a high-needs baby

its a roller coaster for sure. ur up then ur down then ur doing loops upside down and shuffle and repeat! It's all worth it although its sometimes hard to remember that "This...


I'm so glad to have found this group!

I have been around babies my whole life, so I really thought having one of my own was going to be so much easier. I finally discovered that she is "high need" it's NOT that I am...



Why not post and introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you and your little one(s)... I'm Josie, 26 and from the UK and first-time mum to the wonderful and highly...