Asher--our HBAC born on his due date!

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Ok, so Friday before my due date I was having pretty steady contractions all day long, but they never kicked over into real labor. I managed to go about my business, take a walk, enjoy the sunshine with Tate and generally feel like I was going to be pregnant forever! Saturday morning, I took two little boys to the science center and went out for pizza and beer that night (like half a Falls City, don't freak out). Sunday, due date, woke up and thought "No way, not today...oh well, tardy baby" and went about my day. Drew headed out to the gym around noon, and when he came back I was sitting in the chair in the front room feeling fine, reading a book. I took one look at my husband and was literally propelled onto the floor under the chair by a wicked horrible contraction! I'm thinking, Holy Shit! What the hell was that? Where did that freight train go that just hit me? I hadn't had a single contraction in 2 days!

We hopped into the shower, and another one hit; I smashed my forehead into the wall and stayed like that motionless and silent for a good two minutes. Drew looked at me and said "I better get that new battery in my car [it died that morning, of course] just in case". About four minutes later, another one hit and I think it was then that I realized that I was in labor, for reals this time, and that these contractions were not that far apart. Drew got the contraction timer out, and we started timing them at 5 minutes apart and lasting more than a minute; in retrospect, I should have called my doula and midwife then, but I'm thinking I have hours and hours to go.

I sent the men to the store for a car battery, and proceeded to hit the bathroom like, 4 times. I'm still thinking, this is probably a false alarm again, don't get your hopes up...they get back and I park T in front of the TV, and Drew is running in and out of the house, asking me all kinds of car-battery related questions...while I'm draped over the birth ball incoherently moaning every couple minutes. At 4:30 I managed to very politely pant out "Forget the fucking battery, sweetheart", and, realizing I could not both be in labor and field questions about Bakugan Battle Gear, sent Tate to his Dad's for the night.

Drew and I started doing laps around the house, stopping every few minutes for me to lean my head into something and holler. At 5:30 I asked Drew to call the troops and tell them to head over after they finished dinner to be polite, figuring they may be there all night. I spent the next hour in Downward Dog on the bed hollering and crying involuntarily; at 6:30 I look up and see sweet Aundria laying on the bed with me. I think I said something like "Can I please get in the tub now?", which was the best decision ever. we lit some candles and I parked myself in there for the long haul. The only way I could cope with the contractions was to yell really deeply during them, which must have gotten pretty loud for everyone.

Now, b/c I have some pregnant lady friends out there right now, I'm just going to gloss over this last part, but needless to say I was not in there very long when I realized all that pressure meant that I could push which was really scary. I had to just say "screw it" and quit holding back and do it...I got up on my hands and knees and I gave it two or three good ones before I delivered his head. I reached back and touched him! I was a little nervous because he was underwater, but Juliet told me babies don't breathe until they hit oxygen. It took another minute to get a contraction and I delivered the rest of him. Julie swished him up between my legs and handed him to me. Amazing, indescribable! It was 7:52, less than an hour and a half since the midwives arrived. I think the first thing I said was "well, that wasn't too bad"! The whole time they pretty much just let me do my thing by myself, i think Juliet was knitting!

After that we just hung in the tub for a while bonding. He went right for the boobs, so he started nursing right away. I was so happy and relaxed that it took a while to deliver the placenta, but as soon as they let the water out of the tub I started to get some contractions again and it came right out. They wrapped it all up and we went to hang in the bed with daddy for about an hour while they cleaned up everything (!). After that Drew cut the cord, and they did the newborn exam and we saw how much he weighed (8 lbs. 3 oz!) which I guessed almost dead on :) We were so tired by then we couldn't even think about naming him, so we all just went to sleep!

So that was it, less than 6 hours start to finish PRAISE BE TO G-D because I don't know how i could have done it any longer! There was never a point where I thought "forget this, take me to the hospital give me drugs", I just sort of DID IT and got it done. I still can't believe it happened. I highly recommend homebirth, we had him just the way we wanted, in the tub lit only by candle light. It was quiet (well, they were), nobody bothered us. A really beautiful experience.


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Congratulations! That sounds wonderful. I hope you are doing well with two kiddos. Next time I'm going for the waterbirth, too.

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