I am planning a homebirth after cesarean!!

Chelsey - posted on 03/18/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Just got the news today. My midwife has given the go ahead and most of the other midwives at the practice gave a green light, but my second midwife is not comfortable with it. So that means that if our second midwife is the one delivering we will probably have to go to the hospital. But the chances are our main midwife will be the one that delivers our baby. So we are praying that I will go into labor at the right time so we can have our baby at home.

I am just soo excited!!!

Anyone else planning a HBAC?


Cheryl - posted on 05/18/2010




Chelsey, I have 10 children. The first 4 were cesarean. The other six have been Vbac, with the last two being born at home. Both of my homebirth babies weighed over 11 lbs each. They were both wonderful experiences and if we are blessed again, we plan to have our future babies at home. Hope it all works out for you!


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Crystal - posted on 12/01/2010




I have had 2 and i am so happy i did! I am now having my third this may!!!

Chelsey - posted on 08/08/2010




Well I am just over 3 weeks post partum. I, sadly, did not get my homebirth. When I got stuck at 5cm the midwife reccomended breaking my water but she also reccomended that we go to the hospital for a consult. Honestly I was so tired after being up for just over 24 hours (this was about 5 am) I was exhausted. I had been doing lunges up the stairs and walking etc. So I agreed. Baby was not in a favorable birth position, we had figured, and that was confirmed when the doctor did an ultra sound. Baby was right side posterior and was wiggling every which way during contractions except into the position I needed him to be in! My water was broken and I got my contractions going again with nipple stimulation, and they got strong, very strong. I was handling it quite well until the midwife said it was time to be checked again. I was still at 5cm...5 hours after I had been checked into the hospital! I had been at 5cm for probably a good 10+ hours. Earlier the doctor had said that I may need some help with labor (oxytocin) but he said he was sure I could do it. Even though baby was posterior and big from the feel of things. So I opted for an epidural and then they put me on the drip that was at about 1:00 pm and Benjamin was born with a great set of lungs at 8:02 pm weighing 8lbs 13oz and 22 inches long. That is a big baby for me who is not that big at all.
So I did not get the birth I planned for but I did acheive my goal of a vbac so that the rest of my children can be born that way too. And there is always the next one that we can try to birth at home.
Thank you everyone for all your advice and encouragement =)

Michelle - posted on 04/06/2010




check out "planning an unusual homebirth" on you tube. a friend of mine posted it. good luck x

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