Planned or Unplanned???

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My own story goes as such - first son was hopsital born - 1 hour of labour start to finsih
Second son was an unplanned homebirth...for me it was the SCARIEST experience of my life - why because he was born in under 6minutes and I remeber nothing as I was in shock. The tearing was unbelievable and the mess amazing!!
My third and fourth sons where induced for fear I would have them at home and something would "go wrong" ....and with my 4th son it did - we where left alone (midwife figure baby 4 they have it under control) and my hubby delievered him in the hospital

I am just wondering what the ratio is to planned to unplanned home births here.For those like me, whose home birth was unplanned - would you do it again or not?? I am intrested to hear from those who planned it, why??


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I planned it to be a homebirth. I understand why you think it's scary. My sister in law had her baby in the van on the way to the hospital! Her husband had to pull over and catch it on the side of the highway while talking to 911... so bad. She got an infection afterwards, probably because of unsanitary conditions. It's totally different if you've prepared at home. It's clean, you have bins filled with everything you need, the bed is ready, the table for the midwives' stuff is prepared, and it's not an emergency, it's calm.

I am afraid of hospitals. I feel like the doctors don't understand that their patients are as important as they are, and I'm afraid that I would get induced, be cut, or have lots of interference that would lead me to need a c-section, just because it suits their schedule better. That's the main reason.

The other is that I am a private person, and I really enjoyed having only my husband and my midwife there for my labour. It's law that there must be one midwife for the mother and one for the baby, so the second one showed up right after I started pushing. (I hadn't met her, so that was a little weird, but at that point I really didn't care, and also she was really nice, better than the midwife she was subbing in for, who was at a different birth.)

I have no desire to do an unassisted birth, although that would be less scary now that I've done it once. Why wouldn't I want someone experienced to be there to help me know that what I'm feeling is normal and okay, and to tell me if I should be concerned?

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