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Has anyone else here planned an unassisted birth?

My 2 month old was a planned UC and it was a great experience. I respect and value midwives but I was so happy to not have one at my birth. Women birth babies. Midwives are guides. And some women don't need the guidance, I suppose.


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Allison - posted on 07/05/2010




Hope it's OK to post without being a UC birther. I just have a few *personal* thoughts regarding the previous discussion...if anyone is still discussing on here :) I may have considered UC until I had a severe PP hemorrhage after my midwife-attended homebirth. Took a LONG time to get to the hospital and get a doctor there, so my midwife definitely saved my life. Made me feel that birth is safest with a medically trained person standing by, or at least that the mother or spouse is trained and equipped to handle an emergency.

It was expensive to have a MW, and I know they are not available everywhere, which I think that are the biggest barriers. I hope changing the laws can alleviate those problems. But we interviewed many MWs to find the right one. She discussed all the relevant info with me, but never encouraged me to do ANYTHING unless I specifially asked and we discussed it first. She was ONLY there when I really needed her, and I feel so blessed I had her there :) (She spent most of my birth resting on the couch in the other room, and only did ONE vaginal check well into my labor at my request.) She was also my friend's midwife, and saved her baby who was not breathing on her own for quite a while after the birth.

Some have the philosophy of letting nature take it's course, no matter what, and I do respect that - but for myself, personally, if a medical intervention is truly needed to save me or my child, I am 100% for it. I just don't want any UNneccesary interventions or complications, which is the main reason I avoided the hospital. I found there was truly ZERO risk of that occuring with my midwife, because we had the same philosophy about birth.

Cierra - posted on 05/10/2010




I have had 2 UC's now and I prayed before doing my first and knew that it was right. I read articles online ( a lot of online research) and many homebirth/midwifery books as well as Medical Text books from a college library.

Jenny - posted on 02/23/2010




My second delivery was an unplanned UC and everything was fine, but I met a woman who had planned a UC and the baby came out blue and they had to call the paramedics. The baby didn't survive. I suppose loss and complications are rare, but they do happen, and for me personally I would prefer to have experts present who could deal with those unforseen complications. It's a personal decision though. I know there are many people who think I'm taking too much of a risk by choosing homebirths. I think as long as you are making an informed, responsible decision, that's what's important.

Chelsey - posted on 01/13/2010




HI Ladies,
I am not a UCer (yet), I had just learned that there was such a thing as unassisted birth, on purpose. At this time I will be thrilled with a successful vbac (due in July) but I think this is something that I would like to look into with the future blessings. Where did you do your research? And how did you decide that this was right for you?
Rebecca it was encouraging to hear that after 3 c-sections you had a wonderful UC experience.

Rebecca - posted on 12/25/2009




My first 3 were c section in the hospital. Number 4 was with a midwife and lots and lots of research. Then came number 5 into the arms of my DH with our oldest girls present. It was FANTASTIC! If we are blessed with more it will definitely be UC :)

Lindsay - posted on 12/06/2009




My first was midwife attended, but my second was a planned UC. We're expecting #3 now, which will also be UC.

User - posted on 11/13/2009




I accidentally UCed but I was prepared to do it if my midwife got too pushy with the post dates management, testing, interventions etc. She didn't make it on time but I did need her to repair my tear.

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