Moms Of Interracial Babies

If you are a mom of an interracial baby or child


New to the community

Hello everyone my name is Sandra and I have a 4 year old daughter my daughter is black, puerto rican, mexican and cuban, I would love to know what your kids are mixed with..



Hi Im new here mom to 4 mixed daughers. they r 10,6,5,2.


need help with bumpers in cribs

My son is 4 months old and he moves a lot and every night he wakes up crying cuz he keep bumping his head on the crib and rolls sometime to the point where he hits his head and...



So I'm curious to know if your children have play dates with other interracial kids, or do they lean to one race? Are you able to expose them to other kids of all races? We...


Racial Exposure

Hi ladies! First I have to say, I started this group so long ago, and I just went back on today to find 146 members, that is fantastic! Sometimes I feel so alone with the...