Moms of January 2005 Babies

This group is for moms of children born in January 2005 to share our tips and stories!


Daughters bad behavior, HELP!

My 6 year old is constantly acting up. We thought at first it was because we had a new baby (She is nearly 2 now) but, it has not gotten any better. Its only getting worse. She...


Thumb sucking, cant stop him!!

ok my son is 6 2day. Hes sucked his thumb since he was 3mo. Now im wounderin how 2 stop him sucking it. his teacher complains about him doin it all day in class. Its 24/7. I...


my 5yr old is acting like a baby

so in august we just had a baby girl and in the last maybe 2 months my 5yr old son (who will be 6 next wk) has started to suck his thumb (which he has never done). we have fo...


Reading yet?

My son can make the letter sounds when he sees the letters but he doesnt know what the letters are? If you tell him to write the letter R he will look at me like im stupid but...


Hi all

Hi I'm Kay. I have 2 wonderful children. My son was born January 5, 2005. He is my miracle baby. He was my emergency c-section. Wow I can't believe he is almost 4 and...


January-baby school blues

We know that our January babies are and always will be the oldest kids in their classes, and that's usually a great advantage for them. My daughter is almost 6 and in a JK/SK...


can ur 5year old read

can ur 5year old read,write-his name-words,reconize,abcs.123s... ithink my son might b a lil behind just woundering wat other kids his age can do// hes in kindergarden



How do you deal with bedwetting? My 4 year old boy still wets the bed. He has been potty trained for a solid year. There are a few mornings when he wakes up dry, but most of...