Moms of January 2005 Babies

This group is for moms of children born in January 2005 to share our tips and stories!


home school??

the school system is becoming a problem, in my eyes and my husbands anyway. i was just wonderin if any of you jan moms are considerin home school for your soon to be school...



Anyone feel like their 4 year old has ADHD ?? My son is not stop energy. Does not sit still or be quiet for any length of time and is driving me absolutely crazy !! I wonder...


my daughter

My Daughter Grace was born on Jan. 19th. She had low muscle tone when she was born and didn't walk until 18 months. She has very flat feet and has wore braces on her feet...


Happy Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to all of our Jan 05 "babies"!!! 2010 will be a big year - Kindergarten!!! My little guy turns 5 next week and is very excited - especially because Mommy...


My daughter.

Hi my daughter Ellie was born on 26th Jan. she's a little madam that loves to watch her disney dvds and "read" books. She started walking at 9 months and talking about the same...


my daughter

my 3 yr old daughter was born jan 6th 2005 and my birthday is jan 6th as well. just wondered how many other mums have daughters on their birthdays



Hi Everyone! My January 2005 baby was born on the 28th. I am just wondering how many activities other ppl have their January 2005 baby's in? My son is going to have soccer...



How do I get my son to want to know he ABC'S and numbers as much as I do? My first son was so good at this and younger son want nothing to do with it. The days that he wants to...


Help with a screamer

Hello everyone. I am looking for some help with my daughter. She was born Jan. 30, 2005 so she is about to turn 4 and she has a difficult time with crying and screaming when...



so has anyone got ideas about what they plan to fo about kindergarten? Here we can start them as long as they are 5 by March 1. So Katie will be 4 on Monday and is in preschool...