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Hi All,

My name is Ana and I have a beautiful down syndrome son who is 11 years old. These 11 years have been challanging but worth evey second. The key to my son's success, having the correct therapists, right doctors, right school and a wonderful dad. Down syndrome children need continious stimulation and they need to do things at there own pace. My son reads, writes, counts and is excetpionally independant. The school he attends has ensured all this is possible. If sign language is a form of cmmunication for them, so be it until THEY ready for the next step. Potty training needs a huge amount of fuss and patience when acheived. Everything no matter how small needs a BIG applause.



Edith - posted on 12/26/2010




Ana, unlike many parents we did not have a family support system. The 2 of us held down jobs and got our child to OT,PT, and speach. We did have a wonderful lady with other children that kept him while we worked. I had a book that I had to keep up with Joey's appointments to these and 4 doctors ( 2 of them in a town about 100 miles from home). Plus he was 6 weeks early. God gave us a group of people in and out of our lives and some that come and go that have taken him into their hearts. He is an extended part of many families not related to us. Today he is 17. He loves school, helps at a church that has a food ministry. There are a couple of busines that let him go in and do little things to help them or the custermers. He is in a specil ed class that makes him work at school, loves pe and likes art. He was on honor roll last year more than not. This year he has received 2 awards for 4.0 principals list. He knows a lot more than he lets his dad and I know. When he does something we did not know he gives us a big grin and then shows us. Most people can understand most of what he says but he also knows a lot of sign. When we had him, we were planning to retire about now and trivel some. As you know with a child that needs so much attion and supervision running the roads most of the year is impossible. What we had sounds so boring it is not funny. He walked a few steps by 2, potty trained by 6. Like you God sent a lot of great people to advise us where we needed info then let us decide what we thought was best. We have an old computer that he can get on to play games, he is on it now playing a racing game. He does ok at spider solitiar. We thank God each day for Joey and his good health. Don't get me wrong about health. He is much better than when little,but we have 2 heart valves we have to keep an eye on and that space in his neck. The only things he can not do playing is anything that will put strain on his neck. That leaves a lot more things he can do than not.

Like most parents, we were told not to expect him to walk or talk. They said we might want to put him in a home for people with disabilities. He lives with us where he should be and keeps us and 2 caregivers on the go. We were blessed with a waver progrem that provides the help. This past year God has given us blessings untold.

Hope God gives us blessings that can only come from Him.

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