Signs your child is ready to potty train

Abby - posted on 12/27/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know there are a lot of posts on potty training tips. I was wondering, though, how did you know your child was ready? You hear stories about "regular" kids saying "potty" or showing signs that they are controlling their bladder like holding themselves, etc... How about our kids with Down syndrome? My son is almost 2 and 1/2. I wanted to start introducing the potty to him. He rarely gets fussy if he is wet or poopy. If you ask him if he is done making poo, he will sign "all done". Other than that, I have no idea if it's time for him.
I went to a conference and sat in on a potty training session. This question was asked, but the speaker had no answer. (she usually works mainly with kids with autism) Are there signs I should keep an eye out for?


Coley - posted on 02/08/2011




I tried to get our daughter potty trained and was just fed up with no luck. One day she came home and went into the bathroom set up her potty and got on it and told me to listen and she did it.... yeah I couldn't believe it she went pee. So maybe all the work we put into trying to potty train her helped I am not sure. She isn't completely potty trained yet and has actually regressed a bit. She showed no signs at all which was frustrating. She is 4 and only showed interest a few months ago. If she goes number 2 she likes to take off her pull up so instead we are trying to get her to tell us she stinkied :) she thinks its funny which is a plus because she will tell us sometimes. She still doesn't mind being wet or dirty.

My only advice is don't get frustrated if you do choose to introduce the potty and he doesn't take to it. It will happen with time.

Also my daughter loves the Elmo's Potty time movie. She watches it over and over even now.

Good luck.

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