Asperger adult son

Sharon - posted on 04/30/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi my name is Sharon and I have a 43 year old son with Asperger, also a mother, a grandson and myself. Please understand that I am posting this with understanding and sympathy for what you are going through. First up please stop trying to make them live the dreams you had for them (or in part). Aspiens don't grow up we evolve - into what will depend on you and how you change you view of what they need. You will never change them but you can change their world and if you manage that you will have a content human who will love you for it. If working out in the wide world is too much for them, get them a job in a more sheltered place or if they love computers let them work from home - they could start a business on the internet - just be prepared to do the accounts and paper work. Don't take them outside their comfort zone unless they feel safe and happy, all you will achive is a meltdown and take 2 steps back again. I don't think you can appreciate the stress and discomfort we feel in new situations or new people so tiny steps until they trust you not to thrust them into places they don't want to be. We can only keep a couple of friends on the go at once and better an aspie who knows how we think and feel, to all the mothers who want their son not to be lonely please don't wish a N/T on them - this is a whole new set of hell for them, better an nice aspie girl. Please don't take this post as a criticism, its hard if you don't understand your child (a little like the boot on the other foot) I hope it helps Sharon

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