Moms of Kids With Asthma

a place where moms can discuss the health issues with kids with asthma


Safer for your home and family

Have you thought about what you are using in your home that might add to the symptoms of asthma and other health related issues? If you are interested in learning more about...


Welcome and Introduce

My name is Melissa and I wanted to start this group because my 6 year old son has asthma. He uses an inhaler daily and is onsingulair. We have been very lucky that the meds work...


new to asthma

My son is 29 months, we recently moved from El Paso, TX (were he was born) to central Alabama in May, Since living here he has had a slight cough everyday that gets worse at...


3 Year old recently put on Flovent

My 3 year old was recently put on flovent twice a day. Anyone out there know of any really bad side affects from it? I'm nervous about it stunting her growth. She became...



Have your children taken it, at what age, dosages and what side affects or results did you see? Both my kids take it and it reacts so differently in both. I hate using it...


1st Asthma Specialist visit

So I've known that my son has asthmatic conditions. He had RSV the first two winters after his birth and then walking pneumonia one year and this year upper respiratory...



My son is 3 and started Advair in Dec. of 09. What do some of you mothers do for your children to help them burn off some of the energy this medicine seems to give them?