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Hello all :)

I just found this place! I'm in South Australia, and my daughter will be 8 in a couple of days, she was born with a bilateral cleft lip and gum. She's had 3 surgeries so far, plus day surgery to insert grommets in her ears. She's lost most of her baby teeth and we are now waiting for the orthodontist to say it's time for the braces, which she'll have for a year and then it'll be time for the bone graft operation. I'm starting to stress a little about that already!

Hoping to chat with some other mums of older cleft-affected kids :)


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Kirsten - posted on 07/20/2009




Hi! My daughter is 8 1/2. This past June she had the bone graft done on her palate (she was born with a wide unilateral). I was very nervous. She did excellent. The hardest part is her recovery. She is a very active girl, and she had to take it easy. Also, she cannot swim this summer which is a bummer, but if that is our biggest problem, then I think things are pretty good! We were very lucky and had the support of my sister who came to visit and help as well as my mom. I wish she never had to go through so much, but she is resiliant (I am not so much). In a few weeks she has reconstruction surgery that is cosmetic on her nose and lip. Going through this, I can definitely learn from her!


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