Daughter has ASD and tiny VSD

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When my daughter was born, the found that she had two holes in her heart. They said they would repeat the echo when she was 6 months old. So in October, we found out that the PFO closed, she had an ASD that was 5 mm and, also discovered a VSD that wasn't seen in the echo done when she was 2 days old. The cardiologist said that they are really only concerned about the ASD. He said that normally the ASD doesn't usually cause a problem until they are close to 20 years old. He said we would check again when she was 2 unless there seemed to be concern that we should check sooner. He said the hole can get bigger smaller or stay the same between now and then. Depending on what it is doing, surgery could be a possibility. My daughter is 9 months now and has been on table foods since she was 7 1/2 months old to try to help her gain weight. She has been on a constant decline percentile whys since she was born. At 6 months she was 25%, but at 8 months dropped down to 15%. I was wondering if any of you had similar stories, advice, things to possibly watch for now that she is crawling everywhere and almost walking,were any of you told similar things....... really anything to help me understand what to expect.


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When my daughter was born we found out almost immediately that she had both a VSD and ASD. She had her first echo when she was 5 days old and started seeing a cardiologist regularly by 6 weeks. We were told that most often the ASD will close on it's own and is not something to be very concerned with, however, the VSD was rather large and they said she had a 50/50 chance of it closing on its own. At 12 weeks she started vomiting almost everything she was eating and started sleeping for 18-20 hours a day. We took her back to the cardiologist and they started her on lasix and digoxin, to help with fluid build up around her lungs and to regulate her heart rate so that she would not be so tired. We had another echo and they said they would do a repeat at 6 months. 6 months rolled around and she was back to vomiting due to the fluid and sleeping ALL the time. We saw the doctor and were told that she needed to have open heart surgery to repair the hole as she was not thriving. Since her surgery she is a completely different little girl, very healthy, active, and happy. Has your daughters ASD closed at all since they first discovered it? It sounds like your little girl is pretty active, but if you are at all concerned I would just call the doctor to make sure. Mom's know their children best!

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My son's ASD was basically asymptomatic. The doctor had always heard the murmur and monitored it at each visit. At 9 months I mentioned to the doc that my son was easily winded when playing and that he seemed to break into a sweat while eating his bottle. The doc decided to do an echo and that's when the ASD was found.

In hind site, we now see a few more symptoms that were so small that as first time parents we thought nothing of them:

He was slightly smaller than normal but did seem to grow consistently.

He always had a cough of some kind although he wasn't sick - turns out that this is because of the backflow of blood between the atrium.

My son's ASD was closed via open heart surgery when he was 17 months old. Our doctor had us schedule the surgery for a time that worked best for us, although sooner was better than later. No damage was done to his heart by waiting, but the longer you wait the more damage can be done.

I am glad we chose to have the surgery done before he was old enough to remember it. The biggest struggle we had post-op was trying to keep an active 17 month old tied to a hospital bed.

He is now a healthy 23 month old boy and has gained weight and height much faster since having his surgery. He doesn't get out of breath when he plays, and he has tons of energy.

From what I've been told 5mm is a fairly large hole and will never close on its own. If I remember correctly we were told my son's ASD was 5mm but when they got in there it was much larger.

Kids are resilient and although the surgery was terrifying it was a very smooth process.

I wish you luck.


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My boy has 5 mm asd and small vsd. He is 5 months old now but he is weak. Slow growing. Plz advise me how can i grow his wight. Plz tell me im so tense for him

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Hi jenna my son toby was born at 31 wks 9 wks premature he had a really hard start to life and the drs said it was because he was premature but in my heart i knew there was something more than that. I felt like they all thought i was a paranoid mother and even my husband was starting to think i had a problem. I decided to change gps as mine kept saying its a virus he will come right! Toby was always tired and he turned blue regularly and grunted alot along with another list of things that only i was noticing. I visited the new Gp and he was fantastic he kept an eye on toby and sent him to the hospital on one occassion when he went blue and his oxygen level was 87% i was relieved that someone was taking me seriously and at the hosptial the dr heard a mumur and sent us for an Echo. At 14 months old Toby was finally diagnosed with 2 holes in his heart along with damaged valves. He had an xtra large Primum ASD and a small VSD and a cleft in his Mitre Valve. Toby was 23 months old when he had his open heart surgery which was 6 wks ago and he will need xtra surgery in the future on the valve but the holes were fixed without any problems. All i can say to you is follow your heart listen to what your gut feeling is. there is a really good web site which you can read about the different heart defects and i found it really reassuring it was the Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne. Please feel free to contact me if you need to talk or you have any questions take care and look after your self

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