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Moms of kids with Selective Mutism

Stop struggling alone. Start seeking information and new ideas. Help us Rid the Silence! Do you know a child who can talk freely at home but appears frozen in other settings like at school or out in public?


New to SM and intro

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Leigh and my daughter, Crystal who is almost 11, has Social Phobia and Selective Mutism. I would love to say it started last year, but to...


just starting therapy

My son, now 11 has SM. I wish i would have started therapy sooner, but we are starting now. He seems very excited yet nerveous about it. we are going to have out second session...


Older kids with sm

I wonder if anybody has any older children with SM and how they have developed. my daughter is now 11, almost 12 and is just about to leave primary for secondary school which is...


lack of school involvement

Is anyone else having the school not wanting to help. The social worker has no idea how to handle my daughter. We are formally getting her evaluated outside of the school....



Hello all Haley is almost 9 years old and while she is doing pretty well in school, for moral reasons I REALLY want to home school her. My biggest concern is the lack of social...



hi my name is sherry i have a daughter angelena 7 years..and she has selective mutism. i got a mess going on right now, with my family. it all started on mothers day and ended...