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Hello all

Haley is almost 9 years old and while she is doing pretty well in school, for moral reasons I REALLY want to home school her. My biggest concern is the lack of social interaction that she would get. Does anyone here have any advice? Do any of you homeschool your SM child?



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Rossanne - posted on 09/09/2009




You could home school but I think discipline would be very important, obviously for home-schooling, but more so because of the socialising aspect. School provides ritual yet at the same time provides real life uncertainty. It offers daily opportunities to interact with other children and practice socialising with adults and children. Hence why Becky says she thinks it's the worst thing you can do for an SM child.

It doesn't have to be if you ensure that there is a daily structure setup where your child can interact with others.

Remember school also gives familiarity of environment and people so there is opens up the opportunity to become comfortable and relaxed.

Ensure the proper structures are put in place where:

- you have regular play dates with children in your home, in other's homes without you, in other environments with out you (drama class, speech class, sports, swimming, athletics - activities with interaction and without) on a daily basis

- you have a support network of homeschooling mums that will support you in your success

- you have a health proffessional you work closely with to ensure progress is being made comparitively each month

- you have the support of family and friends

- you keep in touch with forums like these that are dedicated to SM

and you can succeed in having your child overcome SM.

All the best.

Becky - posted on 08/15/2009




In my opinion homeschooling is probably the worst thing you can do for a SM child. If you don't find a psychologist that specializes in SM and work on conquering the fears using baby baby steps they will never get over it.They have to be around other children especially school because it is a large group. Otherwise you end up with a socially withdrawn teenager with no friends and you know where those kids end up! We have a goal book we take back and forth to school, just 3 or 4 goals, and if she meets them, she gets a prize after school. Like it will start with wispering Hi to her teacher, just little baby steps and she helps make up the goals. They need to be a little hard, but not so hard she won't do the. Keeping her excited and getting some kind or rewards is the key.

Sherry - posted on 06/08/2009




hi there, I thought about it myself. because my daughter is not doing well in school. the thing that i see is the social skills are better with school. but, with the schools ..they really have a hard time understanding how to work with them. so you are caught between what your heart says (protect your child) or to let them go where more little ones are. to me it is a decision that i let my daughter make. she is 7 ..hope this helps..i know it is not a great answer. but, truly i am in the same position.

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