walked into my 3 yr old son's room this past thursday to get him up from his nap to find he had chewed off a scab on his foot. and i mean chewed. there was blood everywhere, does anybody else's kid do this? this is not the first time he's chewed. he did it to a booboo he had on his toe about a yr ago. chewed threw his stretchie to get to it. any ideas would be helpful


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Jamey - posted on 07/13/2012




I JUST saw this post! My daughter has Spina Bifida and used to literally pull her toe nails out with her teeth! I also, have walked into a room and found her covered in blood. She still picks them at times as well as the sides of her feet. It is generally always the feet she does damage to. I have mostly solved this issue now. I make sure she is NEVER bored and solo! If she isn't interested in the t.v. or something to play with, I take her attention somewhere other than feet! We don't talk about our feet or toes or shoes for that matter unless we are physically putting them on, painting nails or something that is needed. If I see her start to mess with them, I cover them up with socks or place her braces on.
I have been to many doctors about this and even called a few places. No one really knows why she does it. Her toe nails are still growing in funny but I am finally getting some shape to them. She also has scars on her feet from the constant picking.
We came to the conclusion that maybe she has slight feeling in her feet and it bothers her or it is just a compulsive disorder. When it comes to this issue, I live by the saying, " Outta sight, outta mind!"

Margot - posted on 11/15/2011




Hi there - my kid does that too. I'm sorry I saw your comment late. I saw a great suggestion on a forum called Spina Bifida Connection. A mom painted that foul-tasting nail polish on her son's toes - the stuff you use for stopping people from chewing their nails.

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