Moms of kids with swallowing dysfunction

Group for moms of children having swallowing dysfunctions, such as aspiration, laryngeal penetration, or other forms of dysphagia. Forum for advice, support, suggestions and place to share personal stories and experiences in raising babies, toddlers and children with swallowing difficulties.


Silent Aspiration

My son is 15 months old, diagnosed by our SLP at 9 months with Silent aspiration after struggles with continuing from breastfeeding on to purees and solids. We have seen...



I have a long story, my son was born at 32 weeks He doesn't swallow his secretions which made it hard for him to breath He spent 2 month on cpap +4 and he was doing fine then...


Sippy cup

I see there is a thread on this below but it is several years old. Just looking for advice on switching my baby to a sippy cup. With my daughter we just went "cold turkey" but...


outgrowing dysphagia

My 2 year old son was born at 25weeks, he weighed 1lb 10oz and spent exactly 3months in the NICU. Shortly after being released from the NICU he developed pneumonia and a...



My son has been on honey thickened liquids after his first round of pneumonia which was determined to be cause by aspiration...that was about 15 months ago and since that time...



My 10 week old baby was recently diagnosed with this and is scheduled for surgery next week. Would love to hear from other parents who babies went through this. Thanks!



So my son we thought was just being a toddler and learned to spit out his drinks. That isn't it. It's freaking him out as well as me! It isn't 100% of the time but every few...



Just wondering if you give your children juice (diluted or not) if they still aspirate sometimes? My son had his 2nd MBS done and he showed some very slight improvement but...