Moms of kids with transplants

A group for parents of children who have received organ transplants to share experiences, ideas and to support each other.


What kind of transplant?

I am new to this group and I was just wondering what kind of transplant your child had. My son is three and had a kidney transplant at 1 1/2 years old.


hello everyboby

my daughter had a liver transplant in all started when she was 12yrs. her healths been a rocky road and still is.i give all my pray to ones thats going threw it.



Just saying hello to everyone. I'm glad to see this site. My daughter Morgan has had 2 heart transplants. When we began, 12 1/2 yr. ago, there weren't any support services or...



Have any of you experienced Post Traumatic Stress related to your child's transplant?