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As the holidays come around I would love to hear of ideas from all you creative mom's out there... Halloween costumes, traditions, and bragging on your little princesses accomplishments!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!


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I just had a kids xmas party. i made a grinch pinata, & a gingerbread house ( complete with lollie "stained glass windows" and handmade marshmallow men with sour strap scarves!!) the house itself was filled with little gingerbread men, as an activity for all the children, i made batches of salt ceramic and used xmas cookie cutters to make shapes, put a small hole in the top of each. the kids had a ball decorating them to put on their xmas tree.and to top it off we organized a secret santa event so all the kids got a pressent!!

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We do hand wreathes.... I trace my daughters hands (orange & black paper=halloween, orange, yellow & red=thanksgiving, and red & green=xmas) I cut out the middle of a paper plate for the base and aternating colors put the hands all around it. I decorate with "happy happy halloween" or whatever you like and some corresponding glitter colors. She loves it cause its her hands and Its my way to get a keepsake out of her!

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I make handmade gifts for a couple of my youngest cousins every year since they were born... 3 boys, and 3 girls now (including my own kids!!) for our annual get together... so this year it is bling tees for the girls to match with their tutu's I made last year... and sterling sliver charms on leather cords for the boys, each one different, my cousin Seth already put his request in for a lizard. Last year the boys got hand painted tees with lizards and frogs... I started this handmade thing with them mainly cuz I thought it would be cheaper.. but it seems ot be getting pricier every year... hmm, maybe I should rethink it!

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Last year I bought my 3 year old the book about the Elf on the Shelf that came with a little elf doll. The elf moves from place to place every night because he flies back to the North Pole to report about the child's behavior. My daughter loved it. Everyday my daughter woke up to see where the elf had landed. You can buy the kit at Barnes and Noble.

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