is your dream worth your child's childhood?

India - posted on 09/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 3 yr old daughter is adorable! she does and says all these funny things and i really think that she could be the next raven symone (from the Cosby's) but i dont know how to go about it. i know that it will be very time consuming and expensive but im also not sure if its worth it. we dont really know what are children are interested in at such young ages!


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Jodie - posted on 12/07/2010




kids at that age are free spirts,they dont know at that age what kids are really good at,as umms we see that our kids may have some great ablity,but shes three,i wouldnt be pushing her in to something,that may make you s load of money,or you will set yourself up for a expensive road,to nowhere,if she decides at 8,thats she never wanted that life,dont ever make a child do something you could never fuulfill,we all wont our kids to have what we never did. it doesnt always work like that.let her be free and be 3yr old sure she has a special gift,but in time she will know what she wonts.forcing a child to do something,they are not ready for,or cant understand why you are making them to do something,it can always backfire.dont have high expections of her at such a young age,unless in your heart you think she can be a great actor,then see where shes at in a couple of years,let her decide.i know its important,in your life,but in a 3yr old eyes,shes just trying to be a normal 3yr sure in time what ever she does in her job career later on,just know you helped towards that,but teaching her and guided her.just be proud of her,what ever career path she chooses,but dont make your dream,her dream,she may not wont that career ok.she be ok,just allow her to b a kid.dont let her grow up to suri.the difference is they are high flyers,suri sisnt have a have the chance to change i said,dont make your dream,your childs dream,course at 3 no kid knows anything bout life.just how to be kids.but thats my advice,wheather you comply,is up not being a cow.but i know in u.s.a,moms wont there kids to be high acheivers,i get that,as you need a education,to be high acheivers,but some kids its forced down their throat,and they become unhappy later on in life.dont make the same mistake,just wait till shes 5,then see what her talents are,course as she gets older,you will have more of idea,then she is at age to help make a decision,if she wonts to be actor,there is no harm,in finding out cost,and stuff,have a open mind around it.ok.all the best.

Jennifer - posted on 09/19/2010




People have told me since my daughter was born how beautiful she is and how she should model or something. At 3 days old this photographer followed me around a store trying to get me to enter her in a beautiful baby contest. My daughter is 9 now and still so beautiful and amazing, but I decided to let her have control over that. She might grow up and decide it's something she wants to pursue and I will support her no matter what. But i leave all that up to her.

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