Parents think I'm crazy for wanting more kids

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Hello everyone,... I am indeed wanting to have more children. Currently I have 3 year old boy/girl twins (Ethan and Jane) and a 19 month old boy (Carter). My husband and I are trying for more; however,... I wish that when that time comes that we could share it with our family. My mom has made comments like "you better be all done now" & my dad has said "you're not having any more are you!!!! You don't want anymore. Be thankful for the healthy kids you have already!!!"

I think it's sad that I am strategizing how to avoid seeing them once I am pregnant just to avoid the criticism and unsupportive spirit for as long as I can. I don't want to feel the need to justify our actions/choices to them who don't support or even help out. They live an hour away but we do tend to connect every 4 to 8 weeks. We are middle class folk so finances are fine and we have a decent size house. I wonder sometimes because they've lived life longer,... if they look at us with tired eyes maybe?? Either way, I wish they could be happy for us because this is the family we desire.

I am using Clomid treatment because of PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and the chances of me having twins again are great and I relish the idea. It would be super fantastic to have another set of twins. My first experience was amazing. Perfect pregnancy and got to bring them home within 12 hours and I was home within 3 hours of giving birth to my 3rd. I have shared with a couple people that I was thinking about having more children and they looked at me cross eyed. I keep thinking,... my husband is a great dad and provider and I think I am a pretty cool mom. I have my mommy moments for sure where I have my little breakdowns but the family far outweighs any of that stuff. Just thought I would share some of what's going on in my head.
Are there any similar stories out there.


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You mean I'm not the only one?! lol. My husband and I have 3 (son 9, daughter almost 5, and son 2) and 6 weeks prego with number 4. (hoping for another girl!) We're very happy about it, but like you, we've been putting off telling the family because of the anticipation of similar feelings/comments. I come from a family of four and my husband of 5, so it's hard to understand why there's such negativity towards pregnancy. For a while, my mother would even ask if I was still on depo/birth control because she doesn't think we need to have any more. It's crazy! Our children are all healthy, happy, well behaved, beautiful, and provided for, so I count it all joy. The way I see it, God is creating someone special inside me for one reason or another and it's a blessing for me to be able to have another one. I mean, we're not out to catch up with the Duggars (19 kids and counting) by any means, but we love our children and would be thrilled to have another little girl, boy, or both! (twins run on both sides but it hasn't hit anyone yet in our generation) lol. Just hang in there, fortunately (or unfortunately? hmm... lol) you're not the only one walking in these shoes. :o)


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My husband and I have two beautiful children. A boy who's 2 and a daughter who's one. Yep, they are 13 months apart. They feel like twins half the time. I told my dad the other day that my husband and I want to try for a third. He looked at me with a very 'pissed off' look. And said, "Why on Earth would you guys want a third?! That's stupid! You already have the 'perfect family'." I was saddened. I've always been the time to respect my parents, and listen to them. mom and dad both disagree about us having a third child. My dad is an awesome grandpa. He sees the kids once/three times a week. My mom sees the kids once a month. My husband is a great father. I think to myself, you know...I am thirty years old. I am an adult. I can make my own decisions, and if my parents don't support it....they will down the road. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my dad was so upset. He couldn't fathom about me having another baby...sure, she was a total surprise and with them being 13 months a part...BUT..when she was born, he fell in love with I am sure that's what's going to happen again. My husband comes from a large family, and so do my parents...I only have one sibling, my sister, and I always wanted another brother or the end, as much as it honestly hurts that my parents are not wanting me to have's not their life. I don't want to go through life thinking, "I didn't have a third, because my parents told me not to." Life is so beautiful and the best time for things is the we go. :)

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Thank you for sharing and congratulations!! God is creating someone special within you and when he/she arrives, hopefully they will know in their heart of hearts that it was ordained.

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