Moms of May 2008 babies

Moms of babies born or due May 2008



Just wanted to say hi. I am wanting this to be a page where we can ask questions, and get advice from each other since our children will all be about the same age.



My little boy has cut 2 teeth fine without any problems, now he is cutting three all at once and I have tried oralgel and cold teethers, but he still seems fussy. Any ideas?


Hello im new

Im nichola have son ryan who will be 1 on the 30th may :-( time goes to quick how is everyone???? where are we all from x


Breast feeding

Hi! I'm new member here. I have a problem with breastfeeding. I tried to quit breast feeding when my daughter becomes 1 year old. However it is not easy. Every night she...



So, up until now I have managed to keep my daughter on a pretty regular schedule, but now she doesn't seem to want to take her early nap. She will just sit and play in her...


Does Anyone have a head banger?

Hey Everyone! My son Lucas is a major head banger! The doctor said it was all right...but at what point do you think I should worry? He never bangs his head and cries. He does...