still rocking my miracle to sleep!

Misty - posted on 01/27/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My former 24 weeker is now 15 months old & I'm still rocking her to sleep at night! All I hear from everyone is that it needs to stop now & that I'm creating problems for myself in the future. She is the same way for naps (when she decides to take one!), I have never layed her down until she is asleep. The few times I've tried to take advice and let her "cry it out", I can't stand to hear her screaming and only lasted 1/2 hour before going in to get her. I know alot of the issue is the guilt I still feel for her being hospitalized for almost 5 months & I know she is getting old enough to "play me" so to speak. I'm willing to take any tips or advice. Should I continue the coddling at 15 months old or torture myself and let her "cry it out"!!


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Misty - posted on 02/23/2010




Sorry Kelly! I haven't been here in a while! I, like you, still rock her to sleep at night and for naptimes. I've tried just putting her in her crib for an afternoon nap and she's so stubborn she just sits up there and has talked to herself for 1 1/2 hours a few times, no crying though. Nice break for me, but she is miserable for the rest of the day until bedtime. She falls asleep great at bedtime, it's the one or two times she's up at night that's the problem. I now feed her, lay her down, she then screams for about 5 minutes and then she gives up and realizes it's still time to sleep! I don't put her in her crib for playtime, I use the pack n play for that. I sympathize with you in the respect that you feel your body "failed" your little one, it's heartbreaking isn't it! I blame myself for the issues she is still having, especially with her eyes, another surgery probably coming this summer, ugghh! Just wanted to check back with you! Take care.. :)

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here we are again, in the same boat! lol. My Amelia (also former 24 weeker now 15 months) still actually sleeps in the room with mommy and daddy. I had bought the arms reach co-sleeper that sits right next to the bed. A few months ago, i finally put her down (after she was already asleep) in her own crib. That lasted for an hour and she did great (not one peep!) but I couldn't sleep lol, i kept tossing and turning, so finally i went in and brought her back to the co-sleeper lol. I want to smack myself for doing that because now she wants no parts of her crib.

I like you still rock her to sleep every night and for every nap. Although when she is really tired she is able to fall out on her own. I just don't have the heart to listen to her cry for more than 10 minutes and my excuse kinda has been- "she deserves to be spoiled for everything she went through". I feel guilty because my body failed her and the least i can do is cuddle her to sleep when I wasn't able to for 4 grueling months..

My question- should I let her play in her crib to get her acclamated or is that bad to show her playtime where she's supposed to sleep?

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I also used to rock Kaylee to sleep. It is all about when you are ready too. If you are stressed out about the bed time stuff I think that is felt by the child. I just got over the idea of her crying and so did she. We did not stop rocking her until she was 19 months. She is now 22 almost 23 mos. and she does it all on her own. She even tells me when she wants to go to bed. I feel lost now when she goes to bed because she is not there being rocked. I am with you Kaylee was also in the hosp. for 5 months and I felt like I had to do it because I had done it for so long. I do still do it sometimes at nap time. If I don't she will not nap. I miss holding her at night until she falls asleep.

I also did the same as Wanda. Give her comfort and tell her I loved her go out and if she cried more than 10 min I would go in and rub her back and tell her I loved her. We got lucky. She only cried the first night then got right into the swing of things. She does every once in a while cry for a min or two but that is it. It gets better the longer you do it. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.

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I think I'd still be cuddling my 2 yr old but he got to big for my lap about a year ago. He likes to sleep on his belly and couldn't get comfortable so I had to start laying him down to go to sleep on his own. I felt guilty because of the hospital stay as well and it was hard to do but now I'm glad I did it.

What I did was lay him in the crib, gave him his animals and blankie, told him I loved him and left the room. He'd cry and fuss and I would let it go on for about 10 mins., then I would go in and do it all over again. It took him about a week to catch on to the new routine. Now, he's pretty good about going to sleep on his own, there's still nights where we have to go in and settle him down a few times but they're getting less frequent.

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