Moms of Military Brats

For all moms who have a child or children that are military brats..... rather your married..together... or single but the other parent is military... or is former/retired! :) God Bless and BIG THANKS to our Troops! ********************************************************************** Just a few Rules! 1. No bashing other mothers 2. No drama!!! 3. Be you have fun!


Been away for so long!!!

Ok girls i am back!!! sorry i have been away for so long..... been busy cutting some loose end in my life and things are starting to look up now! :) me and lil one is doing...


Lets get to know eachother!

Hello all Im Kristie 25 from Indiana... im a single mother to a beautiful lil 5 month old girl! Her daddy is in the Army currently serving in Iraq...I decided to make this...


Hello Mom's of military brats

My husband is now retired (Navy) and I just want you all to know that there is a light at the end of the loooooong tunnel. We spent years... literally apart & the kids moved...


hey everyone!

yes i know ive been a bad mod!!! lol ive just been crazy busy with the holidays and all and getting ready to introduce my daughter to her dads side of the family.... so how was...



such a tragedy what happened. 12 killed and 31 wounded. happened today 11-5-09 at 13:30 why did these soldiers do this? they killed their own.


Photo Gallery!!!

If you have any pics of your child and or the child with parent in there uniform and would like to add them to the gallery please let me know! I just thought it would look...