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Kelly - posted on 07/20/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My wee girl (18 months) wakes up during the night several times and will self settel after a couple of crys or we sit with her and she goes back to sleep quickly. Then once (or on a bad night twice) a night will wake up and stay awake for up to 3hrs. We can sit by her bed and she just lies there eyes open sometimes wriggling but not sleeping its the same if we take her to our bed. I night weaned her from being rocked and breastfeed about 2 months ago as I am now 31 weeks pregnant with our 2nd. She still gets two breastfeeds a day to help her settle for afternoon and night time sleeps. I have tried about everything,nappy changes, drinks, snacks, cuddles and even crying although this is not the way we want to go. She was doing so well, we had moved her to a bed rather than a cot and would get a visit from her some nights but she had started sleeping through as well. We are more than happy for her to come to our bed if she needs to BUT to sleep not to lie there keeping us all awake! Has anyone eles got similar problems?

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