Moms of November 2006 babies

Moms of children born or due November 2006



Just wanted to welcome everyone and say that I hope we can be here for each other and help out as much as possible. I am trying to make this a good support system and source of...


terrible three year old temper

My child just turned three and he has a horrible temper. Everything i say to him turns into a big screaming, hitting arguement. I try very hard to keep my cool and not react...



After reading some of the posts here - I have to say that it makes me stop and think. To that end I want to empower mothers to practice better self-care by doing something nice...



Hey ladies - I was just hoping to start an introduction conversation. My name is Angel I have twin girls - Allison (Lucy) and Elouise (Ellie) born on November 6th of '06. The...