What do I do to help my daughter?

My daughter is 12 and in her 1st yr of middle school. She is 200 + lbs and wears a size 22w. It is so hard to find her clothes that look right! She has always been teased and...


Healthy eating plan.

My son is 19lbs over weight according to a health chart i read, i was shocked he doesnt look that over weight i knew he needed to get in shape but didnt think it was this bad....


9 year old daughter over weight

My daughter weights 130lbs and I went to the doc she says watch carbs and sugar.We go to the gym,I watch what she eats.I just dont know what to do she cries about her weight.And...


9 year old ALWAYS hungry

Hi all, I am new here but I hope someone can help me and my son. I have a large weight problem and have joined weight watchers with some success (I lost 16kg). I have always...


Weight loss pills

Please do not use this as a means to sell your diet pills!!! This is a website for parents with kids who overweight for pete's sake. Children do not need weight loss pills....



Sorry I\'ve been so busy to not do this earlier. But, Welcome. I hope we can all support each other with whatever issues we have to face. \r\nStacy\r\n


Any ideas?

Hi, my son Jacob is a tad overweight. he doesn't look overweight to look at hm, but he weighs 25.5kg (not sure what that is in pounds etc for those not in Aust). He is active -...



My daughter is almsot 14 and is awaiting gastric banding surgery at the IWK in Halifax. Anybody have any experience with this procedure?


Overweight (almost) 9 year old

My Sweet DS is almost 9 years old. He is 5'3" tall and weighs a whopping 182 pounds. He has asthma, and it is really sad seeing him as he tries to do sports. He has...


My daughter weight

Every time that we have gone into see her ped. she has always been over weight. She would gain up to 3 lbs when she only suppose to gain one. She is almost 2 years old and...