13month old son doesn't want any table foods even declining what foods he did like to eat-need advice please!


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Karen - posted on 07/01/2012




I am going through this with my 15 month old now.. when we first gave her table food she would eat... she likes Bananas, cheese, strawberries, watermellon, peaches, scrambled eggs, grill cheese... she would even try to eat finley cut up steak and chicken..
the last 2 months have been a nightmare..
everything she used to like she wont eat.. she will only take a bite or to of most food then be done.. (she has no problem with yogurt, yorgurt melts or puffs...
even sheese sometimes she will eat sometimes not and that was a sure eat before the same as the fruit..
The doctor has her drinking pedisure as well... if she drinks that it must fill her becasue most times she will not eat..
it is hit or miss with her. very frustrating....
we have even tried to puree food if she will not eat and not work either it is almost like she is not hungry or will only eat when she wants to.. any suggestions.. she only weighs 15lbs so that is a concern as well......
how did you get your son to eat?

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