Any high protein, high calorie ideas for an underweight non-milk drinking 2yo?

Jessica - posted on 07/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need some standby recipe ideas for my scrawny 2yo. She has the unfortunate combination of a low apatite and finicky eating. Currently, she is below the chart for weight and won't drink milk. She pretty much lives on mac n cheese and fruit. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Em - posted on 03/02/2014




Hi Jessica, my 15m boy didn't eat much solid until I realised I've been nursing him too often. He eats more now that I decrease the nursing. Just curious, are you still nursing your daughter? If yes, then I would suggest stopping nursing before meals / during the day.

I have been giving my boy some iron and appetite boosting vitamin every morning, which gives me a piece of mind that he is getting enough iron. Consult with your pharmacist about this vitamin when you're at the chemist.

Dairy is a great high calorie food. So dairy product intakes will help with weight gain. Any full cream dairy products like kid's yoghurt, cheese, custard, putting butter + cream, ice cream.

My son doesn't drink much milk by itself too. However, you can try making smoothies. Our staple smoothie is banana, mango, a bit of honey, yoghurt and full cream milk.

A trick that I find works for me is to serve them the food we are eating. It helps when we are relaxed and actually enjoying our food as they'll pick that vibe up and don't get stressed about meal times.

Carbohydrates like white rice, white bread and pasta + protein will help too. Some quick recipes that my son likes are spaghetti bolognese (with parmesan cheese - add carrot and vege), and hearty soups served (e.g. pork, red kidney beans & carrots) with rice.

I hope your daughter will eat more soon. The trick is finding out what and how she likes to eat. I'm sure she will and you're doing a great job! All the best!

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